{ lulu bug jewelry }

I must say that the jewelry sold on Etsy never ceases to amaze! I keep finding more and more jewelry shops I love!! And with that, I introduce to you Lulu Bug Jewelry! Sue makes her fine silver pieces using precious metal clay...which I think it just the most amazing material!! Sue takes her own artwork - then etches them onto brass plates. She uses these plates to print the images & textures onto her pieces. Oh...and she has these really cool necklaces where the pendant is made from silver & tinted concrete...never seen anything like it.

Most of the inspiration behind the "pretties" at Lulu Bug is from nature. Sue is often inspired while riding her bike, even seeing the beauty of dry weeds blowing in the wind.
I just think her work is lovely!! Take a look at some of my favorites.

Little Bird Necklace

Strawberry Necklace (silver & concrete)

Tiny Black Bird Earrings (currently sold out...but send Sue a convo)

Silver Bee Necklace

Wave Necklace (silver and concrete)

Pretty, huh?! Be sure to look through the Sold Section as well. Sue is constantly restocking, and she just might have what you're yearning for! :)

Want something in another color...or maybe a different chain?
Just send Sue a convo - she's open for customizations!!

Now, go browse through the Lulu Bug
you're sure to find something that tickles your fancy!

Also, go check out the Lulu Bug blog!!

(Remember that all pictures are the property of Sue from Lulu Bug Jewelry and should not be used in any form without Sue's permission.)


  1. The little bird necklace is really beautiful! I decorated my son's nursery with a bird/nature theme, and since then I've been attracted to anything with birds!

  2. they are really pretty! each so unique and nature inspired. i love!

  3. Beautiful items. I may sneak over to Etsy very shortly. ;o)

  4. wow thats really beautiful stuff, thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh wow! That wave necklace is fabulous! I just found your blog through the etsy form and I can't wait to read on!