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Well, I love silver (not much of a 'gold' girl) and I love pearls (my birthstone too!) - and I've found a shop that makes gorgeous jewelry involving both.

Nicholas Landon Jewelry was started in January 2009 after Mickey decided she wanted to start being an etsy seller, and not just a buyer. Well, I think she's on to something...her work is gorgeous.

The jewelry is made by Mickey and her two sons: Josh who is 15 and 10-year-old Joey. Josh is the "drill man" and drills most of the pearls, and Joey tends to be the "critic" - letting mom know if there's something he doesn't like, and does a great job cutting and rolling the leather! Well, Joey - you've got a good eye & "mad" leather skills, and Josh - great work, I've never tried drilling through a pearl, I'm guessing it's not that easy!

Mickey started Nicholas Landon Jewelry (which is a blend of family names) because she wanted something her and her family could do together and have a way to help support the ministries her family believes in. This was also a wonderful way to help teach her boys something new: owning a business.

Pearls are especially sentimental to Mickey. Her father, who was a Navy man, brought back pearls from Japan. She remembers him taking the strand out of the silk bag and rolling it across their dark wood table. Those shiny white orbs moving across the dark wood did it for her - when her dad explained how they were made, Mickey was hooked. Mickey also recalls finding tiny pearls in a few of the mussels that grew in her canal and there was just something so mystical and incredible about that.
Now, aren't these gorgeous? I just think it is wonderful that Mickey's boys help with these, what great sons she has.

Le Rose Collier Necklace

Le Reve...the Dream Necklace (on sale!)

Le Perle Hoop Earrings

Le Chic Noir 5 au Nautural Bracelet

Le Petit Initial Necklace

This is just a small sampling of what beauties can be found at Nicholas Landon. Head on over and I'm sure you'll find something you'll love.

Also, check on the Nicholas Landon blog!

(Remember that all pictures are the property of Mickey from Nicholas Landon, they should not be used in any form without Mickey's permission.)


  1. Celeste;

    Thank you so much for running a feature on Nicholas Landon Jewelry. As our thank you, you may draw a name from your comments as a winner of Le Reve necklace which you show featured here. Again thank you so much. Mickey, Josh & Joey of Nicholas Landon Jewelry.

  2. All right everyone...go comment on the giveaway post above to win that gorgeous necklace! :)

  3. Gorgeous jewelry! My favorite is the rose collier! So lovely and feminine!

  4. i love all the jewelry too! i love the rose collier also, and oh...all of them, can't decide!!! jo