{ cyberoptix tie lab }

I know I have been featuring a lot of shops that lean more on the "girly" side - sorry, it's just what I gravitate toward! lol Well, I came across an awesome shop for the guys! Take a look at Cyberoptix Tie Lab. The ties are hand-screened by Bethany and are of the highest quality! There are silk ties, microfiber ties, narrow/skinny ties, kids' ties, wedding packages, (even scarves and bags)...all with super-cool graphics!! Take a look...

Engine Rosette
...this is my favorite one - I actually love auto-mechanics! Few people know that since I suppose I do come across like a real girly-girl (which I must say I am)...I just happen to love engines too! lol


Boys' Poppy
(toddler or big kids)

(narrow tie)

Clipper Ship

Topographical Error

I bet you never thought graphic like this would work on a tie - but I think it looks pretty cool! Cyberoptix Tie Lab has even been featured on the Martha Stewart Show during a special Etsy-episode :)

Check out the Cyberoptix blog too!

(Remember, all pictures in this post are the property of Bethany from Cyperoptix and should not be used in any form without Bethany's permission.)


  1. They're awesome, I got my husband one for his birthday and he loves it. :)

  2. Samantha - I actually found Cyberoptix by reading your post about them on your blog. :)

  3. I love those ties! Thanks for the pictures and the link...I just found the perfect birthday present for my brother!

  4. Awesome Penelope! Glad to offer some bday gift "inspiration" :)

  5. Thank you for sharing these beautiful ties! They are so lovely!

    Your blog is so cute!

  6. Wow, these ties are awesome! Now I have a gift idea for someone :) Thanks for this review!