{ star girl joolz }

I think you all are going to really love this shop! Everything is so girly and fun...my favorite! Let me introduce you Star Girl Joolz - an etsy shop owned by Marianna. Also, Marianna sells a large portion of her lovelies from her independent site (Star Girl Jewelry), so some of what I'm picturing below is from that shop. Marianna also makes and sells lampwork beads - so if you need some lovely beads for your own projects - she's your girl! :) There's something for everyone and every budget! Easter gifts I'm thinking...? Take a look...

Out on a Limb Pendant
(chain not included)

Family Bottlecap necklace

Flora & Fauna

Muse Earrings


Aloha Minnie Lampwork beads

Twinkle Tots Headband

Anemone Ring

This truly is just a small sampling of what is available in the Star Girl shops.
So be sure to check out BOTH Marianna's etsy shop & online store.

Also - each week Marianna offers a "freebie giveaway."
Click here to find out how to get your name entered into the drawing
(no purchase necessary!)

...this week you could win an "Out on a Limb" pendant.

Check out the Star Girl Jewlery blog too!

(All pictures in this post are the property of Marianna from Star Girl Joolz and should not be used without Marianna's permission.)


  1. I love the earrings and the ring. They are so fun and girly (as you said). They are perfect for spring! Thanks for featuring this.

  2. :) It is a great shop, huh? Love Marianna's work.

  3. Beautiful things!! i'm such a huge etsy fan! i don't sell, just SHOP! and i love it!

    thanks for dropping by my blog makeover giveaway! good luck!


  4. I love Stargirl...I use her Minnie Mouse beads in my jewelry and she always tweaks them when I have a special request!