I need your help! I'm wanting to start another blog. A blog for my cooking/baking obsession! Basically, I'd post recipes and pictures of what I make, etc. But, I can't think of a name for the blog! And, the few I have thought of are either already taken or unavailable.

So, could you help me come up with a name?

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  1. In line with your etsy blog name you could go with "Eat it up!" or "Cook it up!" or "Whip it up!" something like that. :)

  2. I was thinking along the lines of your name: Celestial Seasonings...

  3. I like Ter's idea.
    It's good to keep your blogs intertwined together so something like 'Whip it Up' would be perfect :D

  4. I like keeping the "It Up" part of your name..

    Serve It Up
    Stir It Up
    Bake It Up

  5. I like that too! I try to keep everything related just a little....it helps with branding!

    Lil Blue Boo is my craft/painting blog

    Lil Golf Girl is my little retail project I just started

  6. Ok, these are way off the branding idea, as far as sounding close, but they're fun...
    Obsessed Chef's
    Kitchen Affinity
    From Scratch
    Baked to Perfection
    Yummy Tummy

    Maybe too "cheesy" but it's what I thought of when I think of cooking :) Hope they at least made you smile- or gave you another thought to build upon :) Good luck!

  7. Thanks guys! I was thinking of keeping the "it up" too! Keep 'em coming...

  8. Zoo Keeper - love your ideas. (and, I love the "Celestial Seasonings" idea too, Pam). I've noticed that a lot of the "It Up" titles are unavailable :(

  9. Mix It Up
    Gourmet It Up
    Eat It Up

    I really like Eat It Up!!

  10. Oh I LOVE Eat It Up too Hana! But, I just checked & it's not available to use :(

  11. I love the Giraffe Print Beach Tote Bag!!