{csn rugs} + review

I can not tell you how excited I was to be given the opportunity to review a rug from CSN Rugs! I chose the Couristan - Recife White & Black Indoor/Outdoor Rug. I chose an indoor/outdoor rug because it gives me options! I can use it inside, on my porch, or on my patio! Isn't it lovely?!

And, I really like how it matches the tile on my porches - the white/black is really sophisticated and would match practically any decor.

And...on the patio (which is composed of "granite chunks" - even with this rough surface, the rug is not affected!

And, here's a "close-up" of the rug (both front and back). Out of all of the indoor/outdoor rugs I have seen, this one tops the chart on quality. I currently have the rug in my computer room, with the computer chair rolling on it. With all that "abuse" - you would think it would wear out. It hasn't. Wonderful quality.

And, I am very impressed with CSN Rug's customer service. The rug arrived in a matter of just a few days! And, the selection they offer can't be beat :)


  1. Nice rug! I wasn't even aware that they made indoor/outdoor rugs with style!

  2. I, too, had the privilege of reviewing a CNS rug and was really pleased with their quality, service and look. I agree with everything you said.


  3. These are lovely. I wouldn't mind owning one. I should check out their price range...even if it will be a long time yet.

  4. Wow! Gorgeous Rug! I just had the opportunity to review a bookshelf from there and it was perfect! Great quality and the customer service can't be beat! LOVED IT! I also LOVE your blog!

    I hope you'll stop by mine as well and enter some of my giveaways as well!

    LOVE you're blog! I'm going to follow you so that I can find out what you're doing and make you a daily stop!

    Thanks for having me!!

    xoxo Amy (Park-Avenue Princess)

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