{personalized product palooza}

So, have you noticed that new event button over there on the right?


Well - here's what's happening:

Starting tomorrow (Nov. 1) I will be featuring a shop that sells personalized products. I know how much I love personalized items, and I'm betting you love them too. So, I figured - why not devote an entire month to them?! :)

That's right - an entire month.
Each day: a new shop will be featured.

And, I know what you're thinking.

Oh yeah. There's going to be giveaways. {not everyday...but many, many days}

So... check back everyday in November to see what awesome new shop is in the spotlight...and see if there's a new giveaway!

P.S. Just like always, if you enter a giveaway & also make a purchase from that shop - you can give yourself 5 extra entries. That's not changing for the palooza.


If you make a purchase from any of the shops featured during November that do not also have a giveaway - you are granted 3 extra entries that you can add to any of the other giveaways you enter.

Example: If you make a purchase from a shop not offering a giveaway - go find a giveaway that you really want to win & add 3 extra entries there. OR Divide those 'extras' up - add 1 extra to one giveaway, another to another, etc.

For each shop you make a purchase - you get 3 more. :)


  1. This is exciting! Your event button has been up on my blog for a couple weeks now :D
    I can't wait to see what you have in store!

  2. Yay! Happy to be a part of this :)
    Thanks for thinking of me.


  3. hey- if you want something from me.. you know I would LOVE to donate :o)

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