{pretty & personal papers} + review

First of all, Happy Halloween! I have always loved Halloween, but I must admit that I am really bummed that where we live now, we don't get any trick-or-treaters & I am now too old to trick-or-treat myself.

And, have you noticed that as soon as soon as Halloween is here...Thanksgiving...then Christmas seem to be here before you have a chance to blink?!
Well, now's the time to get your Christmas cards ready to go!!

Tricia, the designer/owner of Pretty & Personal Papers sent me two lovely cards!

(Holiday Greetings & a Monogrammed Card)

Both cards came wrapped in their own plastic sleeves w/ an envelope.
The cards are lovely & I am excited to use the holiday card for Christmas this year! (I just have to think of who is "worthy" of it ;)

Instead of just buying a bulk-box of cards at Target this year, why not treat your family and friends to a handmade card?! And, instead of you having to whip-up all the cards - get on over to Pretty & Personal Papers, so you can have Tricia do that for you. (:

Also, be sure to check-out the other FABULOUS things available in Tricia's shop!


  1. You are right...they ARE lovely! :)

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  3. Those are lovely! I'm always on the lookout for cards and stationary because I LOVE to write people =]
    Great review!