palooza day #3 {sarah + abraham}

Lately, I have been contemplating whether I would like to get another degree in graphic design after I finish my degree in education. I have just been so inspired by the wonderful graphic work I have been seeing online! I must say that I love everything from Sarah + Abraham! Sara, the shop owner & one of its designers, utilizes crisp, clean designs in there products - from frame-worth prints to darling water bottles, I just love it all!! And.... yes. A majority of the products are personalized.

My favorite from Sarah + Abraham would have to be the items with silhouettes (you pick the silhouettes). These are so timeless - would make perfect gifts.

Be sure to check-out the Holiday items! {there is some great, great stuff there!}

Also, they just launched a new line on Nov. 2nd: Olliegraphic

You pick the gender, age, hairstyle, hair color, eye shape, eye color, skin tone, and glasses/no glasses for each "person" in the design!! {along with the names} :) So cute.

Great gifts? I definitely think so.
Great for Christmas cards? Um... yes!! {check here}
Something for everyone in the family? Definitely.
How about teacher gifts? totally - click on over here.

Also, Sarah + Abraham is currently offering a freebie!

Buy any 2 Art Prints - Get 1 FREE!!
(click here for the coupon codes)

....also, if shopping on Etsy is more your style - go here to purchase your Sarah + Abraham goods there...
And, there's a Sarah + Abraham blog too (:

P.S. don't forget! make a purchase from Sarah + Abraham & receive some extra points! {click here for the details}


  1. Love the choose-your-silhouette kids at play canvas prints! Lots of great stuff there! Thanks for sharing!

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