my food smiles at me.


Alright. I've got a proposition for you. (better term would be "bribe" -- but 'proposition' sounds more proper... right?)

I want an iPad.
No. need one.

But - I'm very frugal (a.k.a. cheap). - and I'm yet to find iPads on clearance.
So ... I plan to win one.

I need you to vote for me.

The premise of the contest is (1) I submit a photo that I feel would bring a smile to your face (2) I beg people to vote for me (3) I win.

I chose to submit the above photo. It is of my tomato smiling at me. I was just about to slice it up... but then I noticed that at the stem-end (or where the stem used to be) - there was a smile.

I snapped a pic -- then resumed chopping it up. (despite its smile begging me not too... sorry mr. tomato)

So... I'm thinking this photo perfectly fits the contest (it's a contest run by a dentist-search-engine site... so, hello! this is a smiling picture) ;-)


To vote for me -- click here.
You do have to have either a Twitter account or a Facebook account to vote.

You can vote for me up to 4 times a day.

Now - what's in it for you?
If you vote for me - you can add an extra entry to every giveaway on this blog up until the end of the contest. (will let you know when it ends)

So - if you vote for me 4 times = 4 extra entries in each giveaway. (and you can do this everyday) ...post your extra entries in separate comments.

I'm usually above bribing - but when an iPad's at stake? The gloves are off!

Thank you so much!

p.s. Congrats to Julie who was able to win this same contest last week!! woot woot!


  1. HA! What a great picture :)
    The universe was smiling at you!!

    Good luck in the contest-I'm off to vote!

  2. awwww so cute!! i voted for you #1!

  3. do i need to sign up to vote? because i click the vote button and it lead me to registration form. how will i know if my vote is counted?

  4. so do we have to go back trhough ALL the giveaways and jsut say voted... for each time we voted?? so if we voted twice...we go through each giveaway and say we voted and do it 2 times...is that right?????