coffee. makers.

I'm actually surprised that I am even writing about a coffee maker.
I don't even like coffee. (I know. something's wrong with me.)


I need your opinion - my dad is practically a coffee addict ... and his coffee maker died.
(drinking 2 pots a day will do that, I suppose. ha!)

Well, I'd love to get him a new coffee maker (as a surprise).

this one seems pretty neat.

so, all of you die-hard coffee lovers: what coffee maker do you have - or wish you had?


  1. I have the Tassimo and love it. The Keurig is also cool. It really depends on which kind of coffee you like the most.

    We chose the Tassimo because it brews Starbucks coffee. My husband loves Starbucks coffee. It also brews fancier drinks (lattes, cappuchinnos, etc) and I love those.

  2. thanks Ashely.

    I have a Keurig - which I actually love to use for tea - and I really like their new cold-brew option.

    I'll check out the Tassimo! Thanks!!

  3. I'd really like a Keurig...I've heard they're pretty sweet. We have a Senseo, but I'm not sure if they still make them {my dad bought it quite awhile ago}. And now I think I'll look up the Tassimo; I love Starbucks coffee, and I know the Sweetheart and I will need a coffee maker when we get married! :)

  4. We have a Bunn, and LOVE it! If he likes your plain jane coffee, and enjoys it hot right now, then the Bunn is the way to go. We make about 4 pots a day in this house, because my mom lives with us too. It has withstood a lot of wear and tear.

  5. Jacky - I just love ya! I know you love your coffee ( eh.. the creamer!)

  6. Cassie - thanks so much! Sounds like it's of good quality.

  7. I have this exact one and have had it for a couple of years. I have used it every morning!! I drink two cups of coffee and its perfect. But if you are serious that he drinks two whole pots, id hate to stear you down the wrong road. It would be an expensive up keep. Each "pod" does a cup of coffee. I buy about 20 pods for $9.99... any how, a nicer coffee maker might be better for a two pot of coffee drinker!!!! Hope that helped!

  8. LOL, so funny when I read the first sentence...

    Well, a fiend of mine actually has this coffee maker, and I have tried the coffee a couple of times, when I visited her.

    It's really good, the only bad thing about it is you have to buy the packs like crazy if you are a crazy coffee drinker, and they are not cheep.!!!

    Here a little Barista's Tip:

    I hope you can fine a really good one.


  9. My husband, who only drinks coffee (and the occasional root beer)--I don't know how many pots he goes through at work--bought this Cuisinart one for our home a few years ago. It's still going strong and he likes it so much he bought a similar one (with an insulated carafe) for a friend when his coffeemaker broke.


  10. Hubby loves our LeCube and so do our friends.
    Cheers, jj

  11. I wish I could help - I don't do coffee either - although, I'm interested to read what everyone has to say too - for my Dad!

  12. We LOVE our kreurig so much-we bought one for our BF 40th bday! We actually save on coffee because you only brew one cup at a time & can choose the one you want! Highly recommend!

  13. We also love our Keurig! The pods can get to be a nuisance to buy so often, so we bought a reusable basket pod thing to go with the machine. I usually buy at Bed, Bath, and Beyond with one of their 20% off coupons, so it makes them very reasonable! We also have our French Press for when we have guests or want to brew a really nice cup. Have fun shopping for your dad!