shutterfly: Christmas Cards

I am getting so excited for Christmas! We have been listening to Christmas music for the past few weeks, today we trimmed the tree, and decorated the house. Yes. We are quite the fans of all things Christmas.
 Our Christmas cards are usually even mailed-out the Monday after Thanksgiving. But! Self-control will be practiced this year. I'm thinking the first or second week of December will suffice. 
While I already have our family Christmas cards ready to go... (seriously: they are addressed & stamped. I know, I'm nuts) ... I want to mail-out some special Christmas cards to the children in my kindergarten class. 
There are 14 children in the class - so... what I'm thinking is I'll print out each letter of "Merry Christmas" (in a cute font, of course!) and have each child hold a letter. (there are 14 letters! perfect!) I will then take a picture of each child holding their letter - and I will then make a grid of all of the pictures with Picasa.

then ... 

turn that photo into Christmas photo cards from Shutterfly!
So far, here are the designs I'm  thinking will work best with what I'm planning on doing:

Shutterfly has so many gorgeous Christmas cards to choose from! I'm thinking about ordering a 2011 calendar from them too.

Do you have your Christmas cards figured out yet? 
Comment with what you're doing! I'd love to know. (:


  1. This pics were amazing..Specially the last one...She is so sweet.. Looks too cute while laughing...

  2. Such cute photos. Those will make great Christmas cards. I have a friend who does an album on Shutterfly of their family activities throughout the year, then sends me the link. I sure do enjoy catching up with her that way.
    Blessings, Beth