csn stores.

I am thrilled to once again be working with CSN! I will be choosing a review item & posting photos here shortly. But! There's the thing - I am not sure what to choose yet. At first, I was looking at their flat panel tv stands - as this is something we could use for our Master Bedroom... but, I am not ready to commit to one yet. {there are just too many options!}
So, I started to look around the house - looking for something that could use updating. I decided that my dog's sleeping-arrangement could use an upgrade. Currently, I have a large couch cushion from one of our old couches as her bed. I say she deserves something more special (it will be for our 4 year old, chocolate lab, Nora.) :

This one is neat! An inner "stuff sack" is in place to fill with old towels/pillows/clothes etc. - makes it a cinch to clean.
LOVE damask - and this one is suitable for both indoor AND outdoor use... a plus, since Nora likes to lounge on our porches too.
Like this print too - and I think it is "girly enough" - since our pup is a girl. :)
So cute!
Which bed do you like best? 


  1. That is such a cool idea! I either like the second or the last one best! :)

  2. I love the damask one too! My dog sleeps in my room and I despise his brown bed!

  3. i love damask but that birdie one is too cute also:)

  4. I like the red one best!! :) SO Cute!

    Samantha :)