Lindsey (a.k.a The Pleated Poppy) posed a little linky-party challenge: show off some of your Pleated Poppy goods. I own several of her posy pins & a sunnies case (seen below) ... but I figured I throw in a little "purse-dump" photo too. I always find these fun; it's like those party-games where everyone tries to find the most obscure item in their purse. Unfortunately, I don't think I have anything too outlandish lurking in mine.

my purse - adorned with Pleated Poppy posy pins.
i {heart} houndstooth!
and... inside:
contents: work badge on lanyard | hand sanitizer (from Christmas) | business cards in a little pouch that I got a Brighton necklace in a while back | iPod in a Gussy pouch | sunglasses in a Pleated Poppy sunnies case | wallet (from Anthro. - but don't see it online anymore) | comb | tissues | pony-tail holder | mace (never had to use!) | granola bar | chapstick | phone | writing implements | keys
(Nothing too exciting.)
But, since this is a link-up to The Pleated Poppy, here's a close-up of that super cute sunnies case...

and, a tote I have that I also added a Pleated Poppy posy pin to:


  1. you are awesome! looks like you might need a travel tissue case in there as well ;)

  2. I just had to pop over from the Pleated Poppy to tell you I laughed a little to myself when I spotted your hand sanitizer, and the fact that it is BBW Winter Candy Apple. I have the same mini bottle attached to my daughter's diaper bag.

    It's a good thing I like the scent, 'cause it's been on there since November! I think it's time to retire the winter scents, lol!