ellen allen annapolis | exclusive discount

I am thrilled to help celebrate the 2nd birthday of Ellen Allen Annapolis Handbags/Accessories by offering you an exclusive discount on some of their most popular items! They offer high-quality handbags that are the ultimate in preppy and nautical-inspired design. Use code SWELLSWAG at checkout to get 30% off the following (your choice of color) offer valid from 7/11-7/29:

Edgehill Wallet (only available in Calvert Green) - $90 $63 w/ discount
Oxford Clutch (only available in Calvert Green) - $125 $87.50 w/ discount
Murray Hill (available in Steele Navy + Gloucester Yellow) - $180 $126 w/ discount.
Whitehall (only available in Calvert Green) - $225 $157.50 w/ discount.
Maryland Avenue (only available in Steele Navy) - $200 $140 w/ discount.
Eastport (available in Gloucester Yellow + Steele Navy + Calvert Green) - $250 $175 w/ discount.
They do not offer these discounts often - so, take advantage now if you are interested. All orders ship next day too! 
30% off (Edgehill, Oxford, Murray Hill, Whitehall, Maryland Avenue, & Eastport) with code SWELLSWAG (valid 7/11-7/29)


  1. i love everything -- but that green wallet is adorable!

  2. Ah, but that should not be your concern, because when bridal couples plan you still have freedom of choice and this wedding is a perfect inspiration for those who like it very chic!