Clothing Thrifting Online (+ get some freebies too)

I just had to share with you some more ways I've been able to snag awesome clothing deals online via online thrifting! I mentioned a bit here, but thought I'd explain more so you can maximize the deals! If your back-to-school shopping or (if you're like me) simply love being able to tell people that your dress only cost $2, read on!


I've found (& have purchased from) two great websites - 

ThredUP - This site is amazing. You can purchase new & gently used women's and children's clothing, shoes, and accessories at incredibly reasonable prices (+ your order ships for only $3). I have ordered a bunch from this site and everything I've received has been brand new or in immaculate condition. If you are a new customer, register through this link and you will automatically receive $20 off your purchase. They have tons of stuff $20 and under, so you could be getting an item(s) for FREE. (the $20 will be taken off at final checkout). It can be a bit tricky at first to figure out how to search for specific types of items. Choose a category at the top of the page first, then you will be able to narrow down items by type,  size, brand, color, etc. or type in a search term. So, if you haven't already... sign up and get your $20 worth of freebies!
UPDATE: It seems as though ThredUp has caught on to this 'trick'... and now this link is valid for $20 off orders of $75+

Twice - This site is very similar to ThredUp; it even makes me wonder if they're "related." They currently only sell women's clothing. So far, I've ordered a few dresses from Twice and they seem brand new aside from the missing price tags! Now, you can build-up quite a nice little bit of FREE credit. First, when you register through this link you will automatically be credited $10. Then, download their app onto your Apple device(s) & receive $10 for each device (up to 3 devices); I'm not sure if they have an app for android - let me know in the comments if you find one. So you could get $40 in FREE credit! ($10 for signing-up + up to $30 for app downloads!). A nice little plus is that you can use a portion of this credit toward your shipping if you'd like (orders ship for $5). So what are you waiting for? Sign-up, then download the app and get your (free) shopping on!


If you have any questions - add them in the comments and I'll do my best to help!
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+ leave me a comment with what you're able to order!

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  1. Thanks for posting! I found you on Instagram and now I'm following the blog. I'm looking forward to checking these out. I love finding great deals!