I'm back! (maybe)

After almost three years of neglect, I might be back at this ol' blog. Maybe. Honestly, I walked away without a peep three years ago because posting, regulating giveaways, photographing product, etc. - it started to feel like work. I teach during the week, so I was using so much of my spare weekend-time scheduling posts. I'm still teaching and currently in grad-school, but I think I'm ready to try this again. I'm working to change the layout up a bit. If I do indeed get back into the swing of things here, I still plan on offering great giveaways (I just might not be able to post quite as many each week as I used to!).


I would also love to start featuring some of my budget-fashion finds! A teacher's budget is slim... but I have learned some tricks to stretching that budget to include a new dress or a new pair of shoes here and there without breaking the bank. (ThredUP is my ultimate secret-weapon. I like to think of it as a "high class" online thrift shop. They sell women's + kids clothing and when you register, you will automatically get $10 off or more! (When I first registered, I actually got an additional 40%!) They tend to change their "new member" perk often, but I know you'll at least get $10 off, which means you can get something for free. (just ignore how they say you need to spend $30+... you don't.) Okay. I can't give all my secrets away just yet! I guess I need to save them for future posts, right?

Let's all just watch and see if I can really start doing this blogging thing again... not making any promises.


  1. Loved seeing this pop up in my reader! Now that I don't tweet anymore I've missed talking to you!

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