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I am trying to decide if I want to start reviewing etsy products - along with the features & giveaways. When I first started this blog, I decided that by reviewing a product - I would be "taking away" from shop owners - I'd be taking away a sale. Of course, if I were to review a product I would write-up a special post for the shop, include pictures, etc. I have now begun to change my mind. I've had a few shops ask if I would review one of their products - I said that I would prefer that the item be a "giveaway prize" instead. So, that's what I've done. But then that got me thinking - maybe reviews really do help the shop owners? Maybe I should agree to review items?

What do you think? Would you find it beneficial if I were to review etsy items here?

The truth is that I would LOVE to review items! I love discovering new items and shops that I might never have come across - and I would love to share it with you all - and I would hope that it would bring shop owners more sales! But, I don't want to do it if no one is really interested in reading about it, for that would defeat the purpose of this blog: to showcase and support etsy shops.

So, if anyone would like me to review items - email me! Or, if you own an etsy shop and would like to me to review something - I'll do it! The only thing is that I would not be able to return the item - shipping would just be too expensive. (sorry!) Now, there is one issue - I don't have any kids yet, so if you sell children's items it would need to be something that I could use in the Preschool class where I'm an aide. Oh, and I would rather not take any pictures of the kids in my class (for security reasons) - just an fyi.

Please comment with your opinion on product reviews. I've been debating on this topic for quite some time now and would really appreciate hearing your view! :)

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  1. I respect your opinion on product reviews, but if you think about it, doing the reviews, even though it does take a sale away, might bring more sales to the artist in question.
    That is my hope at least.
    I think you should start doing it. Maybe just do one or two and see how it goes and then go from there.

  2. Thanks for that Eclectic. I'm feeling the same way - I think I'll try a few & see how it pans out for the shop owner...if it helps her or not.

  3. The only negative I see about the reviewing is if you personally dont like something, you would have to say. That would be tough for me, for etsy shops at least, because everything is homemade. But I know even me blogging about giveaways and stuff, has led to my own friends going to those sites and buying. So it may overall be great for the shop "keepers". Just my opinion! God Bless.

  4. I've thought of that too Chrissy - but I really doubt I would dislike something so much to the point where the whole review would be negative. I haven't been disappointed about any of my etsy purchases yet! :)

  5. I love reading reviews and I have purchased products from sponsors after reading them. In almost all cases, I probably wouldn't have found the product myself, so the review steered me toward the product. I think that's especially true in the case of the Etsy shops. The one thing I really like about reading a review as opposed to reading just an "introduction" to the artist or company, is that I can find out a little more about the quality of the product. I know the the reviewers will be honest. I have seen some negative things in reviews and that's okay. Again, I think in all those cases there's always been something positive said about the product and/or customer service. I am way more apt to buy something after reading a review.

  6. Most important first - as long as the reviews are honest (I would contact shop owner about any thing I couldn't positively review), then reviews are helpful.

    Secondly, as long as you are being approached. Many of the Etsy sellers are becoming miffed at being approached; but if they are coming to you, I say go for it!!!

  7. Thanks so much! Glad to hear that reviews do help! And I totally agree - I would never approach a shop owner about a review, and being honest (I agree) is, of course, part of it being a "review." :)

  8. I think reviews are for the "bigger" sellers, and it's not taking away a sale but helping them promote. I would put the offer out there and, like someone above said, if they come to you, go ahead and review'em!

  9. I have ALWAYS wanted to review Items just because it lets them know if the Item is going to be a hit or not...THAT and I LOVE to tell all my friends family and people I run into about NEW Items. I understand completly how you feel I want to find out how the Giveaways work because I would love to host them on my blog only thing is I can not afford shipping ... If I host it for them and they do the shipping I am game so I understand about the review because I too do not want them to loose money BUT honestly if no one reviews an Item how will anyone know if it will be a hit or not.
    The Ohio Girl

  10. hi! since you featured my shop my traffic has been great, i feel a review however lets the reader know what to expect and that the pictures and description aren't hype or lieing about the certain product just for the sale, I would love for you to review an item in my shop again , i value the opinions of others and personally as a mom i look for reviews on products before i buy....maybe my booboo packs? Thanks again !