{georgia blue} + review

It has been "hair clip central" around here lately, hasn't it? :) Not a bag thing if you ask me! I was able to review some lovely, high-quality hair clips from Georgia Blue! Heather, the shop owner does such a quality job. I am so impressed! Below are the clips I received:

And, they all came nicely wrapped too (I've always loved the "simple-elegance" of butcher paper-wrapped things!).

The clips are all alligator-clips. Alligator clips are the best! They stay in all day!

And, the ribbon wraps around the edge (around the part that you "squeeze" down...not sure of the "correct" term.) :) There is no glue residue or anything - anywhere.

And - look how cute these look in Heather's daughter's hair :)

So, before school starts, head on over to Georgia Blue so your daughter can be ready from head to toe :)

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  1. These are very nicely done and presented. A girl of any age could use some hair clips...especially like the brown diagonal grosgrain ribbon clips.

    Oh, also just added your button to my blog :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!