{fix-it friday}

This is my first time participating in I ♥ faces' Fix It Friday! I thought it would be fun to join in :)

Original Photo (c/o Cayle Ngo):
pretty good already, huh?

My edits:

For this one, I used Picnik.
  • I sharpened the original picture first a bit
  • Then, I set the Saturation to -40 & the Temperature to 83
  • Changed the Exposure to 11 & the Contrast to 12

second edit...

(again, edited with Picnik)
  • I started with the edit I have above
  • Went to the Create tab and changed the image to Sepia (but, I did play around with it a bit to get a ligher-toned sepia - but kept the fade @ 0%)
  • Changed the Sharpness to 28
  • Changed the Saturation to 31 & the Temperature to 1

Now, go link-up your Fix-It-Friday! :)

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  1. Nice job. I like your sepia one. :)

  2. Love both of these - can't choose a favourite!

  3. I really like the last one. Wonderful edit.

  4. These are great! :-) I especially love the second one!

  5. Okay, that is TOO COOL!
    I'm going to have to check out that meme :D

  6. The last one is my fave :)

    Love picnik, isn't it so fun and addicting?