{password protection}

Remember how I mentioned that I've created a blog for my class? Well, I originally had planned to set it to private so I don't get any creeps looking at the kids (and the students wear uniforms at my school, so I really didn't want any pervs tracking them down thanks to the info. on their clothes). But, the problem with setting the blog to private would mean that I would have to collect the email addresses of not only the parents, but also grandparents/friends/family/etc. that would also like to see the blog...and then I'd have to somehow come up with a way to explain how to set up an account, etc. Too much I say.

Then, this evening I figured there must be a way to simply password-protect the blog so all you have to do is enter a password before you can view the blog.

I found a way!! Thanks to Ask.com I found an html code to do just that. :)

I must say that the directions were a tad confusing at first, but I got it to work!

If any of you would like to add password-protection to your blog, you can email me and I'll set up the html code for you. All I'd need to know is the URL of the blog you'd like password-protected and what you'd like the password to be. (and I promise, I won't save your passwords). post signature


  1. Hi there! thanks for joining my blog :D I am interested in doing a giveaway but i can't reach your email? Thanks!


  2. Wow this is great! Can I get your permission to make this password protected idea into a Tutorial Tuesday? Let me know!

  3. Of course!! :)

    {I've emailed you too)

  4. Great to know about this option. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for this great tip. I worry about privacy too.

  6. I'm very interested in learning how to do this, but don't have a blog set up yet for this purpose. I'm an elementary teacher, and I want my GATE students to start blogging this year. I'll try to e-mail you later (once the new school year is underway) and learn how to protect our sweet students!