{the shopping mama}

I just wanted to share that I wrote a guest post over at The Shopping Mama - one of coolest blogs ever. :) So, if you'd like to go take a peek...just click here.

P.S. I hope you all are enjoying your 4th!

P.P.S. I realized I need to annouce the winners of the Love Stitched giveaway!

Onesie winner: #133 Tina

Earrings winner: #37 Haileypost signature


  1. Aw, thanks Celeste! And, thank you SO much for a fun post on The Shopping Mama.

  2. I came across from reading your guest post at The shopping Mama.

    I commented on there, but thought to leave a comment here (but first saw your 4th of July post (too cute!) and left a comment there first haha

    Then scrolled down and saw the awesome switchflops...left comments there!

    so here I am finally focused...for some reason I cannot send an email through your contact. How can I ask about possibly peeking at my etsy wares and give a review? (Not new to the art I do-each Personalized Sketch is drawn entirely with ANY name and of ANY thing. BUT I'm new to blogging & etsy...so it's challenging getting it all listed, but I'm learning! and only a couple more to add)

    Sorry for contacting you this way, but tried to do so by hitting your contact button. If this a no-no in blogging etiquette, I do apologise!

    Blessings & aloha!