UPDATE: I think I've resolved the problem. But, if you have other "bloggy-suggestions" - let me know :)

Hi! :) I have a question for any of you "blog savvy" people.

I'm trying to consolidate all my buttons that I have posted at the bottom of the blog (and I have a lot). I just tried putting them all in one of those scrolling marquee things...but if you scroll down, you'll see that that didn't quite work.

So, how could I consolidate them? Maybe having them all inside one big box or something? I've done some google searches, but I think since don't really know the "technical terms" - I'm coming up empty.


Oh, and I'm sure you're wondering why I have so many buttons. Well, they have simply "multiplied" over time as I've entered giveaways on other blpgs, and I've added their button for the extra entries & such.post signature


  1. I think i know what it is that you wanted to do, i was also thinking about doing this for my giveaway links blog, but i never got around to doing it. I found though, some tutorials on how to do this, i am not sure if that is what you are looking for, but here is the link to them:


    I hope it helps!


  2. It seems to be scrolling. The bottom is an interesting place to put things because the formatting is crazy. Are they all in one html gadget?

  3. So, did you want the marquee going horizontally? What about what you have is bothering you. I looked at your source code and you have it set up so that the height is 300 and the width is 225. Which doesn't really allow for much to show while scrolling across. If you want it to scroll across the length of your blog width, then you should increase the width number quite a lot. Also, you can always have it scroll by faster by increasing the scroll amount number.

    Or you could have it scroll by vertically along one of your side bars like I have.

    If you have other questions and I haven't covered it, feel free to email me and I'll try to help. I tinker around with my blog all the time.

    badgermomma (at) gmail (dot) com


  4. Nury - thanks so much for the link! It worked :)

    Krystyn - Well, now that I have them all scrolling, yes they are all in the same html gadget. But, if you don't want them scrolling, you can have multiple htmls @ the bottom.

  5. Jenine- Thank you!! I think I've got just about as best I can. (I'll work on trying to make them all line-up nicely some other time...maybe) LOL

  6. i have a scrolling button tutorial if you still need help! Let me know and i'll forward it to you! better yet, here it is

  7. oops! wrong link! Try this one! Thanks! and sorry!

  8. i hate all the buttons taking up space on my blog too...i might try a scroll

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  10. I actually have my giveaways listed in the upper-right hand corner of my site www.triciachaves.blogspot.com, and at the bottom of the list have a link that says More Giveaways that links to another blog I created www.dishfriends.blogspot.com that are all of the giveaway sites I like/enter on a scrolling marquis!