from the c to the s to the n.

Yep. CSN will once again grace the pages of this here blog. And - for good reason. I have been nothing but 100% pleased with CSN's customer service and product quality -- I'm so excited that soon - I'll be reviewing a product from one of their 200+ stores!
{I'm not going to say what that product is yet -- you'll just have to wait and see.} ;-)

But... in the meantime - I noticed that CSN sells a wide variety of bathroom vanities.
Who'd a thunk it? They sell just about everything!

Makes me kinda want to just rip-out our current bathroom vanities and get some new ones... I've always loved the look of bathroom vanities that look like furniture - with legs and such.

These are so pretty...


  1. Wow they like you! :)

    Have fun with that!

  2. I've been seeing them around the blogosphere more and more and I'm completely impressed with their variety!

    I can't wait to see what you get to review :)

  3. Ecelectic -- They sure have "taken over" the blogosphere, haven't they? LOL

    I have been very impressed with them in the past!

  4. I had no idea they stocked vanities. I receive a french press from them recently. Their customer service rocks!