{aedriel originals}

I came across this shop - and just had to share its fabulousness with you.

Can I just say the Aedriel has some serious skillz?! (I feel all cool now that I used "skillz")

Everything is hand-painted.

Seriously. I could not even come close to painting that gorgeous silhouette.
You provide a profile-pic and Aedriel paints it. Wow. again - she's got skillz.
(by the way, I'm kinda obsessed with silhouettes)

Wedding season is upon us...I'm thinkin' this plate would make a fab gift... no?

How special would it be if everyone in the family had a special, personalized birthday plate?

Aedriel's work has been featured on Cookiemag.com & MarthaStewartWeddings.com ... among others!
& visit Aedriel's blog & facebook page too!


Do you have a favorite?

p.s. aedriel is going to be launching a new "Nest Collection" soon - including a family plate & a birth announcement plate - keep a look-out for them :)


  1. I love the silhouette plates and also the plates with a monogram. Great shop!

  2. How adorable are those??!!?? L.O.V.E. them!!!!!

  3. Love the ones with the children.....they grow up so fast! smiles.

  4. I like the family tree best. Thanks.

  5. Wow! Love all these plates. I cannot wait until we have kids and I can get plates made for them :)

  6. I love this one http://www.etsy.com/listing/48746546/the-emelia-bird-special-day-plate ! It`s great to have a silhouette plate but I mostly like something made by herself