{csn stores} + review

Have you noticed that CSN has, in a way, "taken over" the blogosphere? I know that I have! And, well... I suppose I'm adding to it! LOL.

But! All this hype about CSN is for good reason. They have over 200 stores - from vanities to luggage -- it's crazy how many stores they have!
I was able to review a pretty cool tote bag -- an Ella Vickers Rope Tote. :-)
What I just loved about the Ella Vickers items is that everything is made with recycled yacht sailcloth!

Also, what was fun was that the number that is on the bag was a total surprise - they are all random. I've been loving all of the nautical-inspired things I've been seeing in magazines, boutiques, written about in articles, online, etc. -- but... this is not just nautical-inspired -- it's made from an actual yacht sail!! (I also really like how this bag is not only of amazing quality - but super easy to clean)

CSN sells a wide range of Ella Vickers products -- I'm loving this cute dog bed cover :)

What is your favorite Ella Vickers item?
(and, I believe they all include free shipping)

p.s. I can not believe how quickly my bag arrived!! No joke. My order was placed and the bag arrived at my door 2 days later -- and this is with FREE SHIPPING. Sometimes, I've noticed when ordering online - if there is free shipping, it actually takes longer for it to arrive. Well, not with CSN! Wow. I am so impressed.


  1. I've done one review for them before and it got here really quickly.

    I'm about to do another one for them and they said it shipped yesterday. So I'm hoping it gets here soon! I'll all giddy about it.

  2. What an adorable bag! I'm in love with anything with a unique story, so the fact that it's made from a sail totally fascinates me :D

    I'm trying to accumulate enough giveaway winnings to get a cute little desk I have my eye on from them :)

    Great review!

  3. love the bag. i also like the designers other bags, like "Ella Vickers Toiletry Bag / Shoe Bag" so useful for travelling