{just had to share!}

I just had to share a little something that I am so excited about ...

This gorgeous camera strap cover from Shey B
... is named after me!

Shey had a fun design challenge on her blog: readers contributed fabric combo suggestions - and one of my ideas was chosen! 
So, this gorgeous gray+yellow cover has been dubbed The Celeste.
I could not be more thrilled... and will be owning one soon! Celeste will be wearing a Celeste. ;)

P.S. Shey is having a Valentine's Day sale right now -- enter code BEMINE @ checkout for 15% off! (maybe you'd fancy a Celeste?) ;)


  1. How cool! I will definitely be heading over to her site ~ I was recently given a DSLR camera and would LOVE to have one of her camera straps! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. P.S. Do you know if she takes requests? I would love to have a chevron patterned strap cover!

  3. Oh goodness, how incredibly FUN is that!? Congrats on having one of your designs chosen {and it is a gorgeous one at that}!

  4. That was YOUR idea?!?! How amazing is that? I've seen it spotlighted on giveaways already - it's a favorite! :)

  5. Congrats to you. Your idea turned out fabulous and I love your color choices.

  6. Lovely Little Nest: Shey is not accepting custom requests right now. (I asked her) - all of her products are made-to-order - and I know she gets TONS of orders, so this does not allow for enough time for customs.

    Rachel: Yep! It was my idea, and I was so shocked when she chose it! :)

  7. This post was a great reminder that I wanted to order one for my friend's b-day! She got a new camera for x-mas and she's all about the cute!